EVOO Greek Kitchen

The Way of the Meze

The heart and soul of Evoo Greek Kitchen lies in the timeless custom of the Mezethes. Often accompanied by wine, ouzo or tsipouro, the Meze tradition involves the gathering of friends and family, and a table covered with boards and plates of food. Experience a wide variety of flavors, textures and sensations in an atmosphere so festive and lively, you'll feel like your in Greece itself!

A Taste of Greek Spirit

From the Greek Island of Chios, in the Aegean sea, comes one of the most ancient and unique spirits in the world. Mastiha is a sweet but balanced spirit with notes of cucumber, pine, anise & fresh herbs. Though it's traditions date back to 600 BC, today we carefully mix Mastiha with modern ingredients, creating a cocktail experience unlike anything you've sipped before.

Sea and Land

Masters of the marinade! Our meats and seafood are not only known for their authentic Mediterranean flavors, but for their quality and freshness as well. Our chefs select the very best products from the top sustainable farms across the world; it's a level of perfection you have to taste to truly believe.

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